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Sat 26th FEB 2011
86 Lurline St, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia

Daryl first found fame as lead singer of Sherbet, a band synonymous with the 70’s and their accomplishments during their long career were many. Between 1971 – 1978 Sherbet produced 20 national top 40 singles and were the first Australian band to top the $1million mark in album sales in this country, with a total of 15 albums and 30 singles to their credit, with songs like ‘Summer Love’ becoming the highest selling single of 1975 and ‘Howzat’ not only a hit in Australia, but also in England & America.
In November 1988 Daryl released the phenomenally successful album ‘Edge’ which spent well over a year in the national Aria chart, peaking at #1 for several weeks. In 1989 it became the highest selling CD in Sony Music Australia’s history, spawning 5 hit singles including ‘One Summer’, written by Daryl which went on to achieve gold status.

In November 1990 Daryl released his follow up album ‘Rise’, Daryl again proved that he had what it takes to make an album work and both the critics and public agreed. Rise boasted a further 5 hit singles. The most popular was undoubtedly “The Horses’, holding the #1 position on the national charts over 3 consecutive weeks. The unexpected success of this single led to being voted “Australian Song of the year’ at the 1991 Australian Music Awards.

Live the formative and flowing years of Australian Music with Daryl Braithwaite who is known for teen hysteria, international breakouts, multi platinum albums, extraordinary collaborations, performing at the sweatiest dives and some of the worlds most famous stadiums.
Daryl Braithwaite remains an integral part of the evolution and development of Australian popular music and a must see live on stage.

Doors Open 8:30pm. Show Start 9pm.

Tickets $27:50 pre-sale
Tickets can be purchased from the Club box office or online

CHASE THE SUN Supported by the Cass Eager & The Velvet Rope

Sat 19th FEB 2011
Special Guests Cass Eager & The Velvet Rope
86 Lurline St, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia

Chase The Sun is an Australian band with it’s roots in the blues scene who are letting their love of rock and roll fully hang out, infusing their take on the blues with loud guitar, blazing hard funk and a cranking 70’s southern rock feel.

Chase The Sun is teaming up with Cass Eager and The Velvet Rope to deliver a pretty serious tour early next year and will be performing again at the Katoomba RSL Club. You may have caught them playing at the Club’s Blues Room for the Blue Mountains Music festival in 2009 – now is your chance to enjoy a full set.

Since forming in 2006, bluesy rock trio Chase The Sun have gone hard and got a lot done in a short time, spending no time amassing widespread critical acclaim for their soul-tinged song writing, blues sensibilities and the powerhouse live delivery of guitar star-on-the-rise Jan Rynsaardt. Combining elements of old-school acoustic blues, Stevie Ray Vaughan boogie, hillbilly finger picking and Hendrix flash; three-piece Chase The Sun crank out a new take on a classic sound.
The band won the 2007 Australian Blues Award for Best Group and are establishing themselves as a must-see live act through constant touring. “You Gotta Go”, the lead track of their self-titled debut album is gaining momentum on airwaves around the world and also picked up an Australian Blues Award, winning the Title of “Best Song”.
Chase The Sun’s self-titled debut album shows off the unapologetic roots core of Rynsaardt’s writing and delivery; acoustic and dobro guitars plus brushes stand in for the Marshalls of his previous rock tour-de-force. Chase The Sun, the album, was produced by Ryan Van Gennip, mixed by David Skeet at Space Junk and was released in October 2007.
Both sides of the beast – soft and loud; sensitive and fiery – get an airing during the band’s ridiculously well received live set.
“Sometimes a trio comes along and impresses with their sheer power, dexterity and originality…This is the sort of band you can put anywhere, from beer barn to amphitheatre, and they will win people over…Chase The Sun have put their own stamp on the blues and roots genre and, quite simply, there isn’t a weak moment on their debut release” Drum Media Nov 07.

Supported by Cass Eager & The Velvet Rope

Cass Eager has found herself in a multitude of musical destinations over the years, from the acoustic roots of her 2007 debut ‘Beautiful Day’ to the funky festivities of 2009’s ‘Santa’s Got Soul!’ and now with the release of her new EP ‘Down On My Knees’ Cass continues her journey with Soul always packed in her suitcase.

‘One of Sydney’s most gifted singer-songwriters, whose  refreshingly honest, raspy, almost Joplin-esque like voice is hers alone, and whose songwriting will spellbind the listener.’ – Drum Media.
‘Eager’s voice is the driving force of her music.’ – Whistler Question, Canada.

Doors Open 8pm. Show Start 8:30pm.

Tickets $20 pre-sale
Tickets can be purchased from the Club box office or online