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FROGFEST – Mr Fibby, BOB, Dave Carr’s Fabulous Contraption, The Crooked Fiddle Band, The WooHoo Revue

Sat 5th May 2012 – FROGFEST:
Mr Fibby

BOB (featuring Ben Hauptmann)
Dave Carr’s Fabulous Contraption
The WooHoo Revue
The Crooked Fiddle Band

86 Lurline St, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Austral

Deep in the mirky regions of distant history, the musical styles of folk and prog were combined. No one could have predicted the resultant creation: Frog was born! FrogFest is an amphibious celebration of this progressive folk style. Hop along and join in the festivities…
Frogfest began in 2011 as a single event in Sydney. In 2012 it is running as a tour through NSW, ACT and VIC.

The Bands:

The Crooked Fiddle Band
Chainsaw-Folk Vigilantes
The Crooked Fiddle Band deliver a no-holds-barred celebration of dark, ecstatic energy. Intertwining folk traditions with modern evolutions, this Sydney-based acoustic four-piece (double-bass, violin, drums and guitar/bouzouki) spurs the dance floor into a post-apocalyptic hoedown.

The Woohoo Revue (CD Launch)
Balkan gypsy brass band, roaring twenties swing ensemble, Wild West fiddle contest
This fiendishly talented sextet create an adrenalin-fuelled celebration fit for dancing, drinking, and ignoring tomorrow. Hailing from Melbourne in 2008, The Woohoo Revue scoured the world for melodies with passion and verve and forged them on Australia’s dance floors. They  will be releasing their second album, ‘Moreland’s Ball’, at FrogFest – it is described as “a unique and inspired portfolio of original compositions, set to establish the band on an international scale.”

Dave Carr’s Fabulous Contraption
Progressive Folk with Hard Edges
At times moody and introspective, at others unveiling an intensity not usually encountered in acoustic music, Dave Carr’s Fabulous Contraption blur the boundaries between folk styles from around the globe. Celtic melodies, blistering bluegrass banjo, Serbian grooves and Bulgarian rhythms all fall prey to Dave’s mad-scientist approach to composition.

BOB (featuring Ben Hauptmann)
Guitarist-composer Ben Hauptmann is known for his work with The Alcohotlicks and Wanderlust, AMO. He won the Freedman Jazz Fellowship in  2010, collecting $15 000 and using the prize money to record his ensemble BOB. This involved combining musicians from both the Sydney and  Melbourne scenes – drummers James Hauptmann and Evan Manell, singer Gian Slater, bassists Zoe Hauptmann and Chris Hale, keyboardist Damien Singsby and saxophonist Julian Banks.

Mr Fibby
A Uniquely Obnoxious Blend of Music and Theatre
Mr Fibby are set to engulf you in a howling dervish of despair. With them you shall wander through faux fairy tales most lamentable, past monstrous trees, men once dead, jealous lovers, lost gypsies, shattered hearts and a moon, as red as blood. The musicians shall pluck at your heart, as well as their instruments, while a lone man (from where? from when?) spins tales as delicate, and as deadly, as a spider’s web.

Tickets $15 pre-sale or $20 on the day (if still available)
Tickets can be purchased from the Club box office or online.