25/06/22 Camille Walsh Listened to the loveliest music in Katoomba tonight @markwilkinsonmusic @markcrotti Such a treat! Thanks @fusion_boutique_presents for bringing these beautiful sounds to the mountains 💙 #livemusic #supportlivemusic

29/05/22 George Knightley RE Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys + Lady Lyon Brilliant night! Thanks Charity Mirow and your wonderful crew.
29/05/21 mariaxnati thank you for showcasing original Aussie bands.

22/05/22 Christine Wheeler RE Montgomery Church + Charlie & Jensen I just wanted to thank you for what I thought was an exquisite concert last night. The sound in the room was stunningly good, it was like listening to each musician acoustically but being able to hear every note played or sung, however soft. The delicacy and exquisite musicianship displayed by all of them was absolutely a joy, I haven’t enjoyed a live performance so much for a long time. Their songs are excellent. It was great to enjoy the support group as much as the main act, and to then watch them all interacting with each other! Thanks for playing such an important role in bringing us music of this calibre, and doing it so well.

10/05/22 Dominic Santangelo RE The Vegetable Plot what a great afternoon!
11/05/22 Lonaa Inertia A lovely Fam event!! ❤️
11/05/22 The Vegetable Plot What a fun time 💚✌💚✌ Performing “Rain Song” with this local percussion ensemble was a real highlight of the set 💚✌
Thanks again to @fusion_boutique_presents for making it happen, and to our brilliant special guests “Artie Choke” and Counterpoint. We love you all.

11/04/22 Vanessa Echeverria-Newton RE ‘Twilight Spaces’ community activation event
Thank you for organising this wonderful event! We had such a good time. We have missed festivals so much and it was great to have one locally.
11/04/22 Rachel Hall RE
We had a delightful evening. Thanks for organising.
11/04/22 Wagana Dancers Katoomba was alive last night. Thank you to Fusion Boutique and Blue Mountains City Council for #twilightspaces it was joyful to Wagana with our Mountains community.
11/04/22 Zo Martin Photos Twilight Spaces in Katoomba last night was a fantastic experience. It is so good to see community and culture coming back into the Mountains after the last 2 years. Thank you for organising and putting on such a great event. Seeing the joy on so many faces was so good to experience.
12/04/22 Maizy Coombes It was beautiful to be a part of “Twilight Spaces” on Sunday. I’m so glad that @fusion_boutique_presents had me programmed for this event. It was humbling to play my first solo set (in months) after David King’s heartwarming welcome to country. Thanks to all those involved – the other performers, organisers, street artists (& their art), the local business that stayed open after hours for the event, people that set up all the awesome activities (I’ll tag you if I can find you- there were just so many of you!) ☺️ The whole thing really was reminder of how awesome the Blue Mountains Community is when we get together 💗🌄🎇
12/04/22 Nicole Maree Powell Great to see the space activated.
12/04/22 Uplift Fair Trade So amazing to see so much life in Katoomba again.
12/04/22 Illuminart It was brilliant! Huge appreciation from illuminart – we thought it was brilliantly organised, and thank you to everyone who came out to see and be seen. What a wonderful, memorable event.
12/04/22 14 Lovel St congratulations! It was a wonderful event.
12/04/22 Sian Young Great event and the atmosphere was amazing! Well done you!
12/04/22 Trish Donoghue Such a fabulous event. Thanks Fusion Boutique for all your hard work and great organisational skills. 😊
12/04/22 Dawn Egan You are wonderful to do all of this! Thanks ♥️
13/04/22 Katherine Kennedy
It was a wonderful event and great to be a part of. Many thanks.
13/04/22 Helen Bells Amazing production Charity Mirow!
13/04/22 Skye Evans Was such an awesome, vibrant event! Thank you so much!!!
14/04/22 Meg Benson Loved the family friendly vibes!!
14/04/22 Ange Viv The girls had a blast they both asked when it will be on again 🙂
15/04/22 Dingo Darbo A brilliant night thank you it was so great for our community. Excellent work, community thought this event was sensational.
21/04/22 Zoe Wood Great write up! Congratulations for pulling it off, it looks like fun.
22/04/22 Ann Niddrie Creative Congratulations on a fabulous event Fusion Boutique you are such a creative powerhouse.

Declan Kelly Thanks to Fusion Boutique Presents and Great Southern Nights for putting on a beautiful show on Friday night. Vanessa Caspersz blew me away! Check her out.
So grateful live music is back! 💙

03/04/22 Zoe’s Blackheath Fusion Boutique has totally booked us out tonight! Thanks to everyone who came in the weekend!

02/04/22 The Soul Movers Thanks for all your hard work Charity and crew!! See you again, Katoomba!

01/04/22 Stephanie Knight RE T. Wilds Album launch This event was incredible, beautiful ❤️ music and the cello player was divine.

22/02/22 Jules Vovos RE Dave Graney & Clare Moore for ‘Palais Perfromances’ at the Palais Royale It looked wonderful and very atmospheric

21/02/22 Sylvia Ong RE Dave Graney & Clare Moore Thank you Charity, it was fabulous to see live music in the beautiful Blue Mountains again!

21/02/22 Trish Donoghue RE Dave Graney & Clare Moore Thanks Charity Mirow for all your hard work. It’s been such a strange couple of years that are hopefully behind us. Dave Graney was awesome.

17/02/22 Chuckles Chalanski Charity Mirow booked! Thanks Charity, it’s so awesome the magic you bring to life in the mountains!

10/02/22 Murray Cook’s Soul Movers / The Soul Movers Such a great menu of music!!! Well done and thank YOU too, Charity – for making these great opportunities for us all!! ❤️✨

24/01/22 Winter Magic Festival Charity is no stranger to the Winter Magic Festival Family, having been a part of the Festival from 2013-2016. Fusion Boutique is one of the powerhouses in the Blue Mountains; multi award winning booking, promotion, producer, venue consultant and event management business presenting premier live entertainment to the local Blue Mountains area in a wide range of venues. The lights shine bright for the year of 2022 for Fusion Boutique.

22/01/22 Sally Lewis We loved the Metro Socials Charity. Will also love the Palais Performances too for sure! xxx

11/12/21 Michael Hey-Cunningham RE Daniel Champagne Great show!
11/12/21 Baroque Room Looking good! Break a leg for last show of the year! You did it Fusion Boutique!!

07/12/21 Maria De Luca  RE Kim Churchill Fabulous evening!

RE announcement of Fusion Boutique being a finalist in the (WSABE) Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence for ‘Excellence in Arts & Culture’
07/11/21 Urshula Leung Very well deserved. ❤️
03/11/21 Pam Allen
Well deserved x
02/11/21 Tania Bowers
well you are the best!
02/11/21 d’Alegria Anne
Well deserved x
01/11/21 Ben Stevenson Awesome Charity ! Well deserved !
01/11/21 Gary Daley
Huge congrats and well deserved Charity Mirow!
31/10/21 Tom Grant
Perseverance tenacity hard Yakka. Congratulations. All credit for your hard work and endeavour over all the years.
31/10/21 Rick Turnock
Well deserved Charity, congratulations!
30/10/21 Steve Appel
It’s because you are extraordinarily conscientious and committed to what you do Charity. And if there was an award from the artists themselves (which this isn’t), you would win that too. And that’s saying something. Congratulations.
30/10/21 Alyssa Taylor Woohoo Charity Mirow that’s fabulous….I know you work so hard and you so deserve every recognition for everything you do! ❤️
30/10/21 Philip Williams Congratulations! Keep up the amazing work Charity!
30/10/21Chris Thomas Well deserved Charity, well done
30/10/21 Helga Shieldsy Congrats – you deserve this x
30/10/21 Trish Donoghue Yay congratulations. You deserve it.
30/10/21 Deb Dare Big deserved congratulations
26/07/21 Peter Thomas Well deserved
27/07/21 nala_music_management well deserved ❤️

26/08/21 Guy Boughey I discovered an event put on by Fusion Boutique a few years ago and I must say that their selection of artists to showcase is wonderful, not to mention the many ways they make attending a live music event enjoyable. So pleased to know that live music promotion is alive and well. I can highly recommend them.

03/08/21 Stephanie Knight The best local music events that I have attended. I have seen Tim Freedman and Daniel Champagne with Fusion Boutique and both were beautiful, moving shows. The Baroque room is a stunning music venue. A place to escape into music.

02/08/21 Imelda Eames Fusion Boutique brings amazing musical talent to the Blue Mountains and the performances are always of an exceptionally high standard. A guaranteed brilliant night out.

09/06/21 Stephanie Knight A woman who works tirelessly to bring music to the mountains. Music that has spoken to me and healed my soul on many occasions. I appreciate you.

22/05/21 Stephanie Knight RE Tim Freedman The show was incredible what an entertainer!!!! Loved it. Tim was awesome thanks for bringing him to Katoomba Charity!!!!
22/05/21 Janis Robertson RE Tim Freedman Thanks Charity for everything you do, loved Tim Freeman a great night x

16/05/21 Victor Martinez Parada Dear Charity, for me it was also a great night, I felt I was in heaven with that wonderful audience. The respect for art was there, the great love received from them will not be easy to forget. I feel very privileged to have been there in Katoomba and the beautiful Baroque Room. You have been wonderful in promoting my concert and I hope to once again have the privilege of participating in one of the events that you organize. Thank you very much for everything.
16/05/21 Les Currie RE Victor Martinez Parada Fabulous night. Thanks Charity Mirow!❤16/05/21 Mandy Eagle RE Victor Martinez Parada You arranged a wonderful concert it was mesmerising. Thank you again.
21/05/21 Annette Blake A brilliant artist and night out! Thank you!

26/04/21 Brigitte Grant Good to hear Charity Mirow! Your hard work and dedication to bring live music has paid off. SO thrilled for you

25/04/21 Stephanie Knight This looks amazing. looking forward to it. Thanks for bringing these talented musicians to the mountains.

19/04/21 Fi Peel RE ‘Mid Mountains Mingle’ I just wanted to say a big thank you for last Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you once again. As a newcomer to the mountains it was a lovely community event to stumble across.
19/04/21 Hands Heart & Feet RE ‘Mid Mountains Mingle’ Congratulations on such a beautiful event on Saturday. I absolutely loved running the drum workshops. Thanks so much for me to be a part of the day. I hope you can have a rest now and celebrate a job beautifully done.
18/04/21 Consciously Crafter RE ‘Mid Mountains Mingle’
A huuuuuge thank you to Charity from Fusion Boutique for organising such an amazing event and for being such a pleasure to work with. Thank you!
24/05/21 Deb Dare The day was my highlight for the year – I loved every moments I was there
and enjoyed two workshops and the musicians and hanging out with the children with hoola hoops. Mid mountains at her very best. Thank you Charity Fusion Boutique, BMCC and Belong Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre.
24/05/21 Rika Kaula Fabulous day, great talent.
24/05/21 Skye Evans It was such a fun gig! Thanks for having us ☺️
24/05/21 Sarah Jane Spillane Thanks for the opportunity to play in my home town Charity Mirow & for capturing it Inertia Photography
25/05/21 Rowena Evers Was a lovely day
25/05/21 Natalie Daymond What a fabulous concept and the talent….. Wow! Well Done!
25/05/21 Inertia Photography – Photography and Concept Art by Lonaa What a fab day and event organised by Fusion Boutique and Blue Mountains City Council. How awesome to hear Live Music!! Support Local!! ❤️
28/05/21 Helen Rose Wonderful pix of a wonderful event. ♥️♥️♥️
28/05/21 Lona Inertia Live Music and a great day of Activities!! Always a pleasure to be a part of! What is life without Music! Support Local!!
28/05/21 Li Naan Fabulous – you do a terrific job Charity!

27/03/21 Imogen Clark Katoomba you absolute legends. Thank you so much for coming out to Baroque Room last night, to Fusion Boutique for running such a beautiful event, and to the delightful Maizy for opening with her badass songs! I love playing in the Mountains and can’t wait to do it again soon. A beautiful gig back after a few months of forced time off stage!!
26/03/21 Brent Hoare RE Imogen Clark & Maizy
Thanks so much for an amazing night!
Zo Zo Jerrat She was so good, lovely night. Thanks Charity Mirow

25/03/21 Marianne Richardson RE Daniel Champagne concert  We loved every minute of this show absolutely amazing if he ever comes back we will definitely be back to see him.

20/03/21 Stephanie Knight RE Daniel Champagne concert The show was amazing. Loved it so much. Xxxx thank you It was an amazing concert. Loved every minute of it. His love songs speak to me and bring me to tears. Beautiful. Beautiful photos. Amazing show. Loved every minute of it. His album ‘Postcards from Newfoundland’ is superb. Heartbreakingly beautiful songs about love and loss.

04/01/21 Daniel Champagne Hi everyone, I’m really sorry that we had to postpone the Blue Mountains show due to the current concert regulations in greater Sydney and want to thank all of you for the support and understanding. I know this will be a special night when we finally get to do it!
I also want to say a special thank you to Fusion Boutique for being the most amazing, hard-working and professional promoters in the land. Over the past year I’ve been blown away with the venues and promoters working over time just to make something happen. Please spare a thought for them when things do go pear shaped and see you all March 20!

15/11/20 The Crooked Fiddle Band Thanks so much to everyone who came down last night and danced on the inside – see you for a full dance mode gig in 2021 (hopefully). Special thanks to Charity at Fusion Boutique Presents for the organisational awesomeness and Deepsea Lights for sharing the stage with us.
14/11/20 Cheryl Adams Amanda and I are very excited to see The Crooked Fiddle Band live at the Baroque Room tonight! Thank you Charity Mirow. ❤️

10/11/20 Gary Daley This was a total joy! Thanks Charity Mirow and Fusion Boutique for inviting James & I to perform at the first Great Southern Nights show. Beautiful room, people and music!
10/11/20 Willem Roorda SUCH an incredible night!
09/11/20 Debra Mägi It was fabulous – thanks ❤️
09/11/20 Danae Amies Thank you Charity Mirow!! It was a wonderful evening!❤️
08/11/20 Veronika Love So much fun with mum tonight – she even got this song dedicated to her Thanks Charity Mirow for putting on such a great event ✨
08/11/20 Trish Donoghue Had a fantastic night. Thanks for all you do Charity Mirow
08/11/20 Tina Marie Pizel Sheil Awesome night

RE Love Local Live series 2 live streaming project with Witches Leap
30/10/20 Caroline Jones Thanks Charity Mirow, Paddy Connor and all involved for reminding me why the mountains is such a fabulous place – I’ve been missing live music – great sound quality and production too – I feel like I’ve had a night out and a night in all at the same time! This gig has it all – including songs dedicated to Rhodo Queens and tow of my favourite countries – France and Portugal – thanks guys and gals
29/10/20 Rosa Del Ponte Loved this! Thanks to all involved! Keep up the great work!
29/10/20 Rosie Garthwin Thank you Charity! applause! loving the music thank you!
29/10/20 Barbara Fitzgerald Thank you to the organisers to make this music event happen!!!

23/10/20 Megan Smith Awesome initiative!

RE Love Local Live series 2 live streaming project with Blue Sherlock
22/10/20 Stephanie Knight Love this ♥️ fabulous!!
Lisa Jeffery Fantastic event. Thanks Charity.
Aurora McKay Sounds amazing!
Wendy Cunynghame It’s been very cool to watch
Vanessa Hall Sitting on the couch down here in Melbourne, being transported by your cool vibes. Loving it! ❤️❤️
Louise Handley Thank you… what a lovely way to spend a Thursday night
Emailda May Beautiful evening listening to you both. Thank you ❤ And thank you Fusion Boutique and Shelter Studios for bringing this into our homes and the BMCC for backing this initiative. ❤ The sound is fabulous ❤

16/10/20 Marina Brown cool as. can’t wait to hear live music again. Thanks for your dedication Fusion Boutique Presents ▶️

15/10/20 Simon Turnbull RE Love Local Live series 2 live streaming project with Piccolo Bear – superb job! I was a bit stunned. Super quality.
16/10/20 Barbara Fitzgerald Absolutely loved it!! thank you !!!

30/09/20 Meg Benson It was fun to watch some of last season, particularly during the height of restrictions. Any work for musicians (plus all those who help them) and any opportunity to lift the spirits of community are so valuable – it’s good to see. Go Charity and all.

15/09/20 RE Women with Altitude finalist for Soaring Solo & Best in Online / Digital Business Awards:
Sharon Brooks
Congratulations Charity, you put so much into your work. Well deserved!!! Trish Donoghue Congratulations! You deserve it all. Thanks so much for all you do.
Rebecca Tyson Huge congrats to you Charity! You work so hard and do such great stuff.
Dionne Kankindji Oh wow Charity Mirow!!!! Congratulations, so proud of you! You deserve it!!!!
Sally Lewis You’re an inspiration Charity!
Patricia Ryn
Well done Charity Mirow well deserved
Janis Robertson
Fantastic Charity, well deserved
Well deserved Charity, I can’t wait until you can host live music events again!
Elizabeth Butler
Congratulations Charity you truly deserve this award & so much more fantastic news!
Julien Joel Clement
Congratulations again! Thanks for all the fabulous events over the years, too. This is wonderful news.
Annette Blake
Richly deserved
Emailda May Congratulations Charity Mirow. The work you do to celebrate live music is totally awesome ❤️

05/09/20 Richard Keegan – Radio Blue Mountains RE Margret RoadKnight Five years ago. Really ? I was the support act downstairs for that gig. It was a huge thrill to be on the same gig as Margaret and a brilliant that there are businesses like Fusion Boutique who bring in great musicians to the mountains, and who support local acts like me.
I think I will have to feature Margaret’s music on Monday’s Australian Music Masters on Radio Blue Mountains. Thanks Charity for reminding me of this great memory.

04/09/20 Rosie McDonald Charity Mirow your gigs are really very special and I hope you get back to presenting them again soon. The RAPT gig in such a wonderful iconic venue was a treasured gig. Thanks for the reminder.

22/07/20 Stephanie Knight The whole series was great sound was amazing and so much talent

22/07/20 Patricia Ryn The program looked and sounded beautifully. Thanks

07/07/20 William Andrew Benjamin Bailey Thank you Charity for everything you do for live music!

15/06/20 Peter Long Great work folks, sound was excellent, video stream nice and clear – here’s to the next one 
and thanks for putting these on Charity Mirow, great way to kick off the week 🙂

15/06/20 Emailda May Thank you so much for the gig tonight Charity. The set up was brilliant and Linda Mizzi was sublime ❤❤❤

13/06/20 FLAP! That was such a fun night! Glad you’re still bringing the music to the Blue Mountains, nice work Fusion Boutique!

07/06/20 Shelter Studios is at Shelter Studios. We’re really proud to be involved in this great initiative, put together by one of our favourite people, Charity from Fusion Boutique Presents. All of these performances will be live streaming from our studio in Katoomba.

06/06/20 RAPT Thank you for putting up this memory Charity That was such a lovely gig in a special environment. Here’s hoping that your valuable work in the music industry will return to some normality soon!

4/06/20 Meg Benson Thanks Blue Mountains City Council, Fusion Boutique Presents, Shelter Studios ❤️
Ask Roz Blue Mountains Totally Meg, Fusion did an AMAZING job.

22/05/20 Carrington Hotel Referencing Jon Cleary Baroque Room Throwback to just one of the many incredible nights Fusion Boutique Presents has bought to the Baroque room and Blue Mountains Community. We look forward to the day we can open the doors and see you all again.

07/05/20 Dave Carr RE FrogFest (A Celebration of Progressive Folk Music) Oh Thank you Charity Mirow! It was so great working with you to put it together – thank you for all you did!!

07/04/20 Baroque Room Fusion Boutique Presents has bought to the Baroque Room many a great night, including Paul McDermott & Gatesy, Shane Nicolson, & Kim Churchill just to name a few. We cannot wait to host many more great nights with fusion boutique presents bringing Daniel Champagne, Claude Hay and Katie Noonan to the Baroque room one it is safe. Sign up to their mailing list so you don’t miss out on tickets to a fantastic night out!

17/05/20 No. 14 Lovel St Hostel Katoomba Blue Mountains That was the first time we saw Shaun Kirk, on a total whim and we were blown away and huge fans ever since! Thanks Fusion Boutique Presents for being part of the great Mountains live music scene. xoxo Annette & Gavin

13/05/20 Gary Daley music Thank you Fusion Boutique. What a contribution you’ve made. Looking forward to future endeavours!

Instagram 05/05/20 crookedfiddleband Nearly once a year! Gotta get that average up! Miss your shows and the best people being together for communal music gathering

15/04/20 Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 Hi Listeners, RBM’s volunteer organisation are ready and here to help keep small business alive and well during the COVID’s. To that end we are doing free promotion across all media for those businesses that contact us. Today’s feature is local live music event company Fusion Boutique, run by the gorgeous and constantly working Charity Mirow. Charity is well known in the community for organising great events but also for great community engagement, which led to her receiving a BMCAN Creative Leaders Award last year.
With most live gigs cancelled or postponed Fusion Boutique is working with artists, management and venues to move shows and obtain dates away from this uncertain period where needed and where possible.
To help Charity’s business and to support the future of Live music in the Blue Mountains, “LIKE” the Fusion Boutique Facebook page to keep up to date with upcoming events and announcements: www.facebook.com/FusionBoutiquePresents
For more information and to join the mailing list go to:  www.fusionboutique.com.au
Fusion Boutique is supported by Radio Blue Mountains and our shows The Breakfast Show, Blue Mountains Live, Earthly Delights and Biig BoyZ.

11/04/20 Eddie Patton Jon Cleary What a gig! What a band of monster musicians. Great night.

29/03/20 Blackheath Bar & Bistro A massive thank you to all the local and touring artists who have played here and to Fusion Boutique Presents for all the support over the last year and in helping to make this venue what it is. We are thinking of you all at this time and our industries which have been decimated from summer onwards. Much love to all, stay safe and enjoy the tunes! X

Instagram 29/03/20 kimchurchill1 Such a wonderful evening

22/11/19 Deb Howell RE The South Carolina Broadcasters (USA) Such a great show.

17/10/19 Christine Taylor RE Jon Cleary It was a monster show!

17/10/19 Dave Harvey RE Jon Cleary What a night! Thanks again Charity – seems like years ago… xo

24/09/19 Steve Gunning RE Jon Cleary This is going to be THE biggest night of music in the mountains this year. Real blood and guts music. Cannot wait!

18/09/19 Ian Roger Tanner Charity runs events with decency, kindness, taste and great organisational acumen.

23/08/19 Marina Brown recommends Fusion Boutique Presents. really good quality gigs in small intimate venues creates a special vibe…friendly and inclusive. highly recommended for a way experience of our unique Blue Mountains hospitality.

13/05/19 Phillip Williams I think you have established both a great vibe within your events (for both the audience and the performers) as well as great reliability in the quality in the acts you select, which i think is largely due to how you organise & look after the acts.

Blackheath Bar and Bistro An excellent night, very much looking forward to what is coming up!

Lona Logan-LoLo Lovely Venue and atmosphere, with the very talented Jordan! Thanks Charity! Awesome night.

Instagram 17/08/19 susan_balanceatwork Thank you @jordan.mcrobbie for sharing your talents tonight. Thanks to @fusion_boutique_presents and @blackheathbarandbistro for making it happen. Can’t wait @@fusion_boutique_presents… love what you’re doing for live music in the mountains. Original live music, excellent food, drinks and service – a good time guaranteed!

Shane Nicholson 4/08/19 Margaret Hair And what a great show it was, thoroughly enjoyed it

29/07/19 Blackheath Bar and Bistro We are very excited and proud to be partnering with Fusion Boutique Presents to bring you some quality live music over the coming months and beyond. Watch this space for future “Gigs on Govetts” events.
Kicking this collaboration off on August 17th is Jordan McRobbie @ 7.30pm.
We look forward to seeing you there!

24/07/19 Bronnie Spitz Just bought my ticket for Shane Nicholson and excited, thanks Charity Mirow. Really appreciate getting good live music in the Mountains which is struggling like the rest of Australia.

22/07/19 RE Cathy Dee RE Paul McDermott & Gatesy Go Solo Great, great show.. smart, sassy, sweet, cutting. Loved it. Saw DAAS in UTas in 1987 and they were raw and ridiculously talented. What longevity! Thanks Fusion for such great shows!

06/07/10 Cheryl Adams RE Fusion Boutique presents the Maes at Pigeon Lane 2nd sold out show Was a great night! Thanks for all your hard work making the magic happen Charity. ❤️

30/06/19 RE Sylvia Ong RE Nathan Cavaleri What a fantastic show! Best show I’ve seen yet. Nathan was brilliant, and so humble and open. Kenny was amazing too. A great show all round. Can’t wait for the next one!

29/06/19 Barbara Fitzgerald RE Nathan Cavaleri Most awesome and memorable concert!!!!!!!

14/06/19 Sylvia Ong Two fabulous acts! Absolutely first class. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Smith and Jones are just beautiful and so down to earth. Aine Tyrrell is an extraordinary, thought provoking powerhouse!

28/04/19 Valerie Thompson RE Archie Roach It really was a very special evening.

Chris Hall Thank you and it certainly was a wonderful concert

Sigismunda Buckingham Incredible. A privilege to be in the audience.

Blue Mountains City Council added 8 new photos — Wonderful solstice celebrations in the winter sunshine in Katoomba today ❄️ a great event showcasing the diversity of our local musicians and supporting our local community and businesses. Thanks to our host venues, event organisers and also Carrington Hotel for solstice events and fireworks 

11/01/19 Maggie Mulham-Donovan Great gigs. Great hosting by Charity Mirow and great venue.

13/05/18 Diamond Duck Thanks to Charity Mirow from Fusion Boutique Presents (the best promoter in town).

12/05/18 Poe Mac reviewed Fusion Boutique Presents — 5 star Diamond Duck + The Button Collective Fantastic friendly atmosphere..excellent music..Delightful people. Thank you for a brilliant evening

11/04/18 Rosie Garthwin Thanks for the show last night Charity – They were great. its a privilege to be able to see/hear such consummate musicians in a lovely venue in our little town again. Bloody well done for all your hard work in getting folk and associated gigs up and running again in the mountains. we don’t take it for granted! its special xxx Rosie. see you soon…

11/04/18  Jules Vovos RE Ten Strings and A Goat Skin Fabulous gig. Great intimate venue, excellent band with fun personalities. An all round great night

4/4/18 Deb Dare RE RE Good Lovelies The Good Lovelies Now at The Metropole Katoomba Seriously gorgeous and brilliant and beautiful With a thanks to fusion boutique and charity mirow Wow

04/03/18 Anne Marleen Hissink reviewed Fusion Boutique Presents — 5 star Lolo Lovina and The London Klezmer Quartet are two of the shows I have seen at The Metropole in Katoomba gratis “Fusion Boutique”, who are doing a great job of enticing a fabulous range of musicians and vocalists to the Blue Mountains. Their pop up bar has a good variety of quality food and drinks. I will be keeping an eye out for future events.

11/02/18 Lolo Lovina And it’s because of you dear Fusion Boutique Presents that the musical arts scene is alive and kicking in the Mountains

Lolo Lovina Thank you for having us Charity! Was a super special evening this one <3 The contribution that you make to the Mountains community and to the musical arts community of Australia..not to mention to touring OS artists is absolutely incredible. The effort, energy and love you pour into every detail of your business (and all of ours) is second to none. From decorating venues, creating gorgeous posters, taking care of artists needs, marketing, promotion etc.. etc.. all with a little gorgeous bundle that is less than 1yr old is just WOW!! (I don’t think I got out of my pj’s or left the house for the first 3 years of parenting!!) Bravo bravo standing ovations to you

Louise Sawilejskij Fusion Boutique Presents – you are such a great team to work with and an absolute inspiration to me and our Hut team. THANK YOU for everything you do within the mountains commuity and the live music industry. We urge all Blue Mountains community to get behind this team too and support live music in your area. I can’t wait to come visit again soon <3

08/12/17 RE Skye Evans Thank you for hanging in there and bringing great music to the mountains!

23/10/17 RE Cass Eager at the Metropole What an awesome night that was – great venue, great service and obviously – loved the music. Thanks!! Kelly

Katoomba Music just back from this gig. .Sarah McLeod was loud and fabulous. This was a committed rock gig. Sarah’s voice so powerful and melodic. Mick Skelton’s drums a joy. Sarah has sorted lots of bass out of her guitar so don’t worry about this being a two piece. Thanks Charity for getting this act here.

20/08/17 Brian Smith RE Davidson Brothers Fantastic Show These two “Red Devils” and thier terrific band..provided the most exhilataring and intimate show..A Great Idea realisied as a result of great prepartion by Fusion Boutique and a 1st Class Perfomance by Lachlan, Hamish and their Merry Band of Minstrals. They gave us a “Nine Pound Hammer” and more.

Katoomba Music 12/07/17 Celebrating our much-loved Charity Mirow of Fusion Boutique Presents today and her and Tim’s gorgeous baby girl Winter ❄️ this photo was taken at Katoomba’s community centre where local band Sonori & The Rhythm Hut’s the @rhythmhunters played a couple of months back – an inspiring, energised night which Fusion Boutique promoted. Katoomba’s live music scene is so lucky to have such an excellent promoter. You maintain such a standard of excellence, even with the added element of Winter in life & business, which while we would never expect we appreciate & are in awe of – THANK YOU

The Coconut Kids We want to say a sincere thank you for the kind and generous hospitality we received at the gig last night and what a beautiful venue! Special mentions to the indubitably talented Belle Jar and the super hard working Charity from Fusion Boutique Presents.

02/07/17 Julien Joel Clement That was a fabulously fun gig. Loved it!

19/06/17 Deb Dare I love the Metropole guesthouse I’ve been there several times for concerts now and they are brilliant. The fusion boutique partnership with Metropole guesthouse is awesome I’m experiencing it as one of the best performance venues I’ve been to for 30 years in the Blue Mountains I appreciate everything you do and your contribution to the Blue Mountains community music industry thanks everyone kind regards deb dare dare to productions

Cathy Kirkpatrick, Nomadic Fish Productions As this year draws to a final curtain, I want to pay tribute to one of the finest people I know: Charity Mirow. Charity has enriched the cultural life of the Blue Mountains by working tirelessly as she hosts show after show, gig after gig, magical presentation after stunningly beautiful and life-changing performance by some of this world’s most exceptional artists. She is a true facilitator and advocate of art.
I had the pleasure of first meeting Charity in 2014 when she engaged Mic Conway’s National Junk Band to play at the Katoomba RSL. She offered a good guarantee, then proceeded to work her guts out to ensure that an audience was present, costs were covered, the RSL was happy, and the band were elated and very well looked after.
As an independent operator (Fusion Boutique), she has scoured every orifice of the Blue Mountains, finding the best (and usually undeveloped) places where performances can take place. She instinctively matches each artist to the best situation, and sweats blood (and presumably some tears) until “it works”.
Charity, people like you are GOLD. Without you, my job would be nigh impossible (and a lot less fun). My hat goes off to you! Looking forward to a new year of surprises and adventure.
Much, much love.

Susanne Evans Absolutely! Charity Mirow: you rock this place, and we really appreciate your work.

Garrie Sinclair Ditto Cathy Kirkpatrick [ although I’ve not met her I do remember her “attention to detail” when I had Hat n Cara perform there back in………………….. ? ]

Louise Sawilejskij Agreed! Charity Mirow is one of the best people I know! Love your work Charity! Have a wonderful Christmas xx

Wallis Bird What a brilliant night I had with her and Tim, here here, bumper night!

Brigitte Grant yes, so agree with this Cathy !

Carole Hampshire  Such a great concert on Sunday by Wallis Bird. I’ve never been to the The Metropole Guesthouse, Katoomba before. It’s an amazing olde worlde place. Thanks go to Charity Mirow for organising this event. Wallis blew away a few cobwebs with her immense energy. My mobile phone photos were pretty ho-hum so posting the lovely photos of Brigitte Grant Photography. If you get the chance to see her, go!

Rhythm Hunters: Nov 20th What a night! Katoomba you really know how to turn it up! Thanks for the hospitality, dancing and great vibes! We’ll be back next year- stay tuned!
Huge thanks to Charity at Fusion Boutique Presents for the constant support to us, and to the community in Katoomba. They work so hard and really bring great things to the mountains!

Katoomba Music Oct 29th Thanks to Charity of Fusion Boutique Presents for bringing us such a great show. Leotrix started off a great night on a great note with his live delivery of fun-loving and dance-inducing remixes behind the DJ desk! Sonori’s layered, emotive soundscapes with Lulu’s soaring sensual vocals could have you either moving or frozen, transfixed.
Tijuana Cartel had everyone north of the mixing desk bouncing like a summer festival. They move between lots of grooves and styles, some virtuosic classical guitar, trumpet and percussion trippy pop vocals heavy electronica.
Fusion Boutique should get an award for their work in putting on these events…Oh I think they did!!!

Amy Tyson shared Fusion Boutique Presents’s event. What an epic, wild night. So much fun. I’m glad I live in a town where everyone dances. Tiuana Cartel were insanely unreal. Talented. Sonori were gorgeous. Sounding polished! Thanks Charity, for all that you do. You have a marvelous gift.

10/10/16 Cheryl Adams 5star Went to my first Fusion Boutique gig last night at the Metropole and was very impressed!! I knew l loved “All My Exes Live In Texas” but the venue was a very pleasant surprise. The pop up bar had tasty food and drink and the organisation and atmosphere were impeccable. Well done Charity Mirow. I will definitely be back.

02/10/16 Michelle Robinson Thanks for an amazing evening Frank Yamma
and Charity Mirow.

Had a sweet night with Áine Tyrrell and her fabulous lads. Fine folks!  The Metropole Guesthouse, Katoomba is a tasty venue too…. Lots of kudos to Charity Mirow. You are a Blue Mts treasure!
We also ran out of CDs and T-shirts (from the MASSIVE supply we brought:)

Thanks for another awesome weekend Newcastle and Katoomba despite it looking like this most of the time. Thanks to Safe Hands, Majora, Dumbsaint, Sonori and White Gums for being apart of it. An amazing special thanks to Charity who really looks after us and many other bands in Katoomba. We know how hard it is to get things happening and developing scenes in regional areas, and really goes above and beyond to make sure everything runs to a high standard. Especially getting people to come and see a band they’ve never heard of. We even get a real rider and accommodation! (thanks to Hotel Gearin) It’s the small things. Thanks Charity! Checkout Fusion Boutique Presents for Shows in the Blue Mountains. – We Lost The Sea

Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen It was a pleasure to be back in the mountains, thanks for making us welcome, we had a ball!
Look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future!

The Escalators Well, we didn’t see this coming! SOLD OUT IN KATOOMBA. Brilliant to share our music with you all.
Thank you so much for the extraordinary work done by the event promoter Charity Mirow of Fusion Boutique Presents & for all of you – our network of family & friends who helped to get the word out about this gig.
We spent our time actually meeting & talking with music lovers at the gig, so we don’t have any selfies to post.
But we’re really proud of being able to share the ‘sold out’ poster….here it is!

Jenny McIntosh That’s awesome news… Charity is pretty amazing too 

Stacey Oldfield reviewed Paragon Cafe — 5 star I recently visited The Paragon for a 3 course dinner and show by the delightful Kristin Hersh. The show was amazing, food was yummy and the service was fantastic! We were greeted with a very warm welcome and were extremely happy with the service. Thank you for a great experience. Can’t wait to visit again.

Gai Lloyd January 29th Bluegrass music and the blue mountains are a great combination. Tonight at The Gearin Hotel was a rare, intimate night of astonishing music. Two groups: Catgut (trio) and One Up Two Down (trio): Superb bluegrass packers, fiddlers instrumentalists and vocalists singing beautiful harmonies in an intimate happy atmosphere. Total treat. So glad I was up here in mountains, to be at such a special night.

We lost the sea event: Kasia Toppo Best gig the mountains has ever seen.

We Lost The Sea – Katoomba, you know how to treat a band! Great crowd. Good times. Probably the best round of applause we’ve ever had and some amazing interpretative dancing. Cheers to Charity and her work with Fusion Boutique Presents promoting the shit out of it and being awesome. We’ll definitely be back!

The Mae Trio – Thank you again to everyone who came out to Hotel Blue, for making us remember why we never want to leave the Blue Mountains every time we visit! Thank you Fusion Boutique Presents for having us and for being such a powerhouse of local music!

08/11/15 George Gerontakos “Wonderful to have such great musicians brought to our home town. Fusion Boutique is helping us maintain a healthy arts culture here. ps. thumbs up for bringing Frank Yamma to Katoomba.”

01/11/15 Monika Linton‎ Well done Charity. Your skills and hard work as event co-ordinator have again brought about a fabulous night of amazing performances. All you do has a magic touch, aside from the practicalities of what needs to be done. The crowds you draw to Hotel Gearin for a brilliant run of performances lately would certainly agree.

12/09/15 Gaye Thomas reviewed Fusion Boutique Presents — 5 star Fusion boutique events are so well run. Charity creates a gorgeous inviting environment and everyone is welcomed warmly. The standard of music presented is of the highest level and audiences can be assured of quality every time.

25/08/15 Joseph Zarb RE PURE BOHEMIA Art + Music + Food series Just a big congratulation and huge thanks for last night. That was a stand out succesfull evening and I know you worked hard for it xxx

18/08/15 Inge Courtney-Haentjes reviewed Fusion Boutique Presents — 5 star Friendliness, attention to detail, efficiency and dedication in promoting and creating the right atmosphere for an event… It certainly added some special magic to our concert!

01/08/15 Caroline Barrell Had a lovely evening at Pure Bohemia,at the Paragon cafe with excellent music, company, wine, dinner, life model Amber, and chocolates. Thanks to other attendees I have started using charcoal, and conte crayons. The newly refurbished stage is very good, a huge improvement on the old bar. Well done Charity and team.

18/06/15 Perrin Finlay-Brown You are a dynamo

21/02/2015 Gail Harry RE PURE BOHEMIA = excellence. Pure Bohemia is something you can’t explain – it’s so good. You must be there – unbelievably generous value for your ticket. I thought the model was a token stint, but no – there are fully five and 20 minute poses with the best Django Reinhardt jazz to get you into the zone. (I do believe music making is a super power!) High standard contemporary menu, the service staff can’t do enough for you. There are even sketch pads and materials to make art if you didn’t have your own stuff. Charity is a beacon in the growing live arts-lit-culture scene in the mountains. Be there at the beginning of something important and just enjoy yourself. Wear a cravat, a fringed shawl… think Titanic that didn’t sink. The band played on… art deco forever!

Greg Rich RE Yulefest with Pat Drummond Looks like everyone had a fun night! The setting are beautiful.

Matthew Dennett RE Brittany Shipway’s Broadway Baby A fantastic night!

Geoffrey Weule It was great to catch-up with Charity Mirow last night from Fusion Boutique who is responsible for promoting many of the live gigs here in the Blue Mountains. Charity does a splendid job and last night’s sell-out concert for Margret RoadKnight was no exception.