2nd LOVE LOCAL LIVE – Live Music Streaming Project

Proudly presented and supported by Blue Mountains City Council in partnership with Fusion Boutique Presents and Shelter Studios: LOVE LOCAL LIVE 2

Fusion Boutique is extremely pleased to announce that due to the overwhelming popularity of the first live streaming series a 2nd series of the Love Local Live streaming project has been approved.
This live stream series showcased some of our terrific and talented local musicians performing at local recording and rehearsal venue ‘Shelter Studio’ and the sound and visual aspects were top class. We are looking forward to curating and presenting another fabulous showcase of our local talent.

The new streaming series will be launching Thursday 15th October from 7:30-8:30pm and running for 5 consecutive weeks.
More information, including the announcement of the program, will be available soon.
The photos of all the artists in the series (including this banner) were taken by Inertia Photography – Photography and Concept Art by Lonaa.

Again, a big thanks to the Blue Mountains City Council for enabling this project, for recognising the impact the ongoing situation surrounding covid has had on our local music industry, and for acknowledging the value that music can have for the audience.

If you missed any of the live performances you can still view and hear them online under the ‘Live’ tab on the¬†Fusion Boutique Presents¬†facebook page: www.facebook.com/FusionBoutiquePresents/live_videos

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