TWILIGHT SPACES, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, SUN 10th April 2022

Thanks to the NSW Government & The Festival of Place – Summer Fund
Blue Mountains City Council & Fusion Boutique present
Katoomba Town Centre Arcade & CBD

SUNDAY 10th April 2022

Explore, Engage & Experience
Come out and celebrate our creative community and launch of the new Katoomba Urban Art Trail, a way finding brochure that highlights the vibrant culture of public art installations and street artworks that weave throughout the town. Pick up your copy of the Trail, hot off the press.

This event will celebrate and promote the artistic talents of the Blue Mountains creative community and will fill our city centre with colour, performance, and sound.

Katoomba Town Centre will come to life as night falls with this free celebration bringing together interactive installations, roving illuminations, live performances by local musicians, and workshops exploring natural and high-tech materials including lantern making, shadow puppets, nature hunts, 3D printing and stop motion animation stations.

Live musical performances will take place in the Katoomba Town Centre Arcade, on the street in the ‘Gallery Precinct’, and Ha’Penny Lane will hum with a ‘Sunny Bin’ solar powered sound system.

There will be a pop-up Dining Alley in the upper-level food kitchens and various local businesses will be extending trading.

All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult and supervised.
This event will strictly follow COVID safe procedures, as outlined by NSW Health.
Times, locations, and capacities of activities and performances may vary due to wet weather or changes in public health order requirements. Please check the website prior to attending.

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Katoomba Town Square Courtyard (wet weather backup venue: Old Library / Katoomba Community Hall)
‒      4:00pm Welcome to Country / Fire Ceremony – David King aka Dingo Darbo (Gundungurra)
‒      4:00-8:00pm WasteEd Wings (problem plastic info stand), Ephemeral Mandalas
‒      4:10-4:55pm Maizy Coombes (Sweet folk: violin looping & vocals) *Juliet Balcony Stage
‒      4:30-5:00pm Living Lanes – Guided Art Tour – N/A*
‒      5:00-5:45pm Grumblemorph / Peter Strong w/ guest Jason Thornton (Electronic: micro synths + sax)
‒      5:30-6:00pm Living Lanes – Guided Art Tour – N/A*
‒      5:45-5:55pm Captain Finhead stunt show *Lower level, Katoomba town centre arcade
‒      5:55-6:10pm Wagana Aboriginal Dancers
‒      6:10-6:55pm Night Diver / Emily Williams (Atmospheric layering & electronics: cello & laptop)
‒      7:00-7:10pm Captain Finhead stunt show *Lower level, Katoomba town centre arcade
‒      7:15-8:00pm Deepsea Lights (Downbeat folk, electronica & trip hop: vocals, synths, laptop & midi)

Old City Library / Katoomba Community Hall
‒      4:00-7:00pm LEGO breakout play space
‒      4:00-8:00pm STEAM Workshop Station: 3D printing *limit of 16 participants / session
‒      4:00-8:00pm STEAM Workshop Station: Stop Motion Animation *limit of 16 participants / session
‒      4:00-8:00pm STEAM Workshop Station: Coding Art *limit of 16 participants / session
‒      4:00-8:00pm Interactive Quilt Installation by Illuminart
‒      4:00-6:00pm Workshop: Shadow Puppets & Storytelling *limit of 12 participants / session
‒      6:00-8:00pm Workshop: Lantern Making *Limit of 12 participants / session

Seniors Lounge Katoomba Town Square
‒      4:00-7:30pm Workshop: Nature Scavenger Hunt & Watercolours *Limit of 12 participants / session
‒      4:00-7:00pm Workshop: Magic Sticks *Limit of 8 participants / session

Foyer Area to the Dining Room
‒      4:00-8:00pm Interactive Museum of AV Antiquity Installation by Illuminart

Inside the Old Library, Seniors Lounge and Dining Room: Pop up Dining Alley
‒      Old Library / Katoomba Hall pop up kitchen street food: The Parade Café
‒      Seniors Lounge pop up kitchen: ZenSational Coffee
‒      Dining room pop up kitchen street food: Hummus Bar with silent, B&W Egyptian film screenings – N/A*

“Gallery Precinct” outside GalleryONE88
‒      4:00-4:45pm OSITA / Mara Sanders (synths and vocals)
‒      5:15-6pm Mataya and Micky Young (sax & vocals)

Ha’Penny Lane
‒      4:00-7:00pm Sunny Bin solar powered sound system playing multicultural family friendly music

Roving Illuminations at Various locations
‒      5:00-8:00pm LED Juggling with Kenny Cheung of Candy Stripe Circus
‒      6:00-8:00pm Hula Illuminations by Tahmour Bloomfield

An Information and First Aid Station will be located inside the Old Library / Katoomba Community Hall from 4-8pm. Programs and Urban Art Trail guides will be available from this table as well as registration sheets for the workshops in this venue.


– N/A
*Unfortunately the Cultural Centre are no longer able to commit to providing guided tours of the public art for this event.
*The Hummus Bar team are currently impacted by Covid and unable to provide their pop up kitchen and silent B&W films. We will have alternative visual projections and this dining room will be open for seating.

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DeepseaLights221001_DSL_PromoImg_01  DeepseaLights_06
Deepsea Lights (synths, laptop, midi controller)

Captivating vocals, catchy melodies, live looping, spoken word; Deepsea Lights put a lot of focus on pulling a crowd in, and creating and holding a space. In 2019 the duo released their first full length album “The Space Between”. Lying somewhere between folk and trip-hop, their uncommon sound can move from rolling bass lines and ethereal vocal melodies, to beats composed entirely of household objects being struck with other household objects, to aggressive hip-hop rants, to soft rainy-day folk songs.

Night Diver - Emily Williams 4
Night Diver & Emily Williams (cello & laptop)

Night Diver is the solo music project of musician and cello player Emily Williams. Her main instrument remains at the centre, augmented by sounds of sampled glass, steel & kinetic toys pitched & percussive. The music is emotionally charged with revolving arpeggios which drift around a motif of atmospheric, low-end drone-like ambience, disquieting moody melodies & airy experimental minimalism.

Grumblemorph-pic   JasonThornton2   Dingo GringoScreen Shot 2022-02-24 at 8.31.27 PM
Charlie McMahon & Peter Strong w/ special guest Jason Thornton
Dingo Gringo / Grumblemorph (electronic: micro synths & sax)
Dingo Gringo is a didgeridoo and electro crossbreed of sound by Charlie McMahon and Peter Strong. Charlie fronted the seminal Gondwanaland Band that prefigured the world music and Indigenous cultural revival by a decade, while Peter cut his name in the dance-music free-party rave scenes of the ’90s. The name Dingo Gringo evokes the global-electro Cumbia and up-vibe feel of much of their music. Charlie McMahon (deservedly referred to as Bone Man) is an ARIA award winner, and Australian didgeridoo legend, who is best known for his bone shaking didgeridoo riffs such as the “wobble” and “ride”. Playing didgeridoo for 59 years makes Charlie a most senior didgeridoo player, and he is referred to by Didgeridoo Virtuoso, Mark Atkins, as ‘tjilpi’ which is the desert word for elder. It is well known that no other didgeridoo player has done as much as Charlie in the way of inventing didgeridoo concepts to make the didgeridoo effective in many genres of music. Maningrida elders Djelkera Wood and Djana recognise Charlie as the leading creator of didgeridoo concepts and have complemented Charlie for inventing ‘complex and interesting ways of playing didjeridu’. Charlie is also the creator of the Didjeribone™, which is a pitch variable “slide” didgeridoo.
Grumblemorph is the solo live electronic music wing of Peter Strong. The live Grumblemorph project was active in the ’90s existing alongside other jamming, social and activist collectives like Non Bossy Posse, Vibe Tribe, Ohms Not Bombs, Organarchy Sound System and Reclaim The Streets. In 2022, Peter brings Gumblemorph back as live analogue grooves peppered with digitally captured sampling – more about improv playing of micro synths in a way to traverse unexpected sonic territories in the realm of post-rave groove and squelch.
Internationally acclaimed saxophonist Jason Thornton has been thrilling audiences worldwide for decades. He has toured and played with the likes of Prince’s after party band, George Coleman, James Taylor, Gloria Estefan, Cher and Frank Sinatra… and locally with Master’s Apprentices, Matt Finish, Angry Anderson and Swanee…to name but a few. Described as a true chameleon, Jason is equally at home playing rock and blues as he is playing jazz, funk, RnB or reggae. Although very definitely a fine example of a modern musician, his playing shows a true understanding and reverence to the historical greats.

Maizy Coombes (violin & vocals)

Blue Mountain’s based Maizy Coombes is a Violinist/Songwriter with a contemporary folk sound beneath wholesome lyricism. Her approach to life is equal parts adorable, resourceful, and sneaky, all of which is reflected brightly in her music. Don’t miss this opportunity to see her subtle and solo, with a set incorporating violin looping and vocals at the ‘Juliet Balcony’ stage in the town square.

Mataya & Micky Young (sax & vocals)

Surrounded by the live music scene growing up in the Blue Mountains, Mataya was heavily influenced by jazz and soul, which has led to the unique sound of her debut single ‘Fine China’ and sophomore release ‘You’. Having collaborated with some of Australia’s biggest acts, Mataya has featured on Hermitude’s hit single ‘The Buzz’, and Thundamentals’ classic ‘Sally’. Mataya is also a dynamic performance member of the upcoming electrifying collective – Haiku Hands. Mataya will perform with her father, saxophonist Micky Young. The father daughter duo offers a rare, engaging and intimate musical experience.

OSITA / Mara Sanders (synths & vocals)

OSITA is a solo musician creating sweet synth pop tracks. At four OSITA began learning piano, which was soon followed by flute, bass guitar, drums, and vocals. She also plays self-taught ukulele, guitar, banjo, mandolin, double bass and continues to learn and experiment with any instrument that she can. OSITA will perform an electric set at the “Gallery Precinct” outside GalleryONE88 Katoomba Street with vocals/sampler/electronic harmoniser/synth.

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Wagana HR-35
Wagana Aboriginal Dancers

Wagana means ‘dancing now’ in Wiradjuri language. Wagana’s dances are inspired by the Blue Mountains and Central NSW West country. They honour the Darug, Gundungurra & Wiradjuri peoples as the traditional custodians of the lands that they dance and create in.
LOCATION: Upper-level KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE 81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780 *Inside the old library in the event of adverse weather

Captain Finhead Stunt Show

Captain Finhead is a world-class stunt performer best known for his extraordinary combinations of skills such as balancing a sword on the tip of a knife held in his teeth, while standing on a rola-bola; fire eating, fire juggling, body burning and much more. Captain Finhead will be performing two stunt shows at the lower level of the town square.
LOCATION: Bottom / lower-level KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE 81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780 *Inside the old library in the event of adverse weather

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Hula Illumination by Tahmour Bloomfield

Hula Illumination uses the latest in LED, smart hoop technology, and lit up costuming. Catch Tahmour as she takes her dynamic performance and tricks around the event site at various times from 6pm to 8pm.

Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2018

LED Juggling by Kenny Cheung of Candy Strip Circus
Roving Candy Stripe Circus juggling maestro Kenny will be roving throughout the event site from 5-8 pm to entertain young and old, and young at heart with his exceptional LED juggling tricks and formidable skills. Come along and catch him defying gravity with his exceptional equilibristics.

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  • Participant numbers are limited.
  • Please register your interest in workshop sessions by placing your name on the clip board for the relevant session time of each workshop on the Information Stand / First Aid station located inside the Old Library, or the tables inside the Seniors Lounge doors.
  • Attendance is open from the start of each session.
  • All minors participating in workshops must be accompanied by a responsible adult and supervised.

Shadow puppets and storytelling with Andrea Ketterling

Session 1) 4:00pm-4:30pm 2) 4:30-5pm 3) 5:00-5:30pm 4) 5:30pm-6:00pm (max 12 participants each session)
WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Young children and their carers will have the opportunity to join Andrea to create some of your own twilight animal shadow puppets. There will also be some shadow boxes made from reuse materials for you to see how your creations appear in the shadows. Andrea will also create a story with the children and their creations on completion of each session.
ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Andrea has facilitated nature craft sessions for young children and their families in various formats including her many years as a Wild Ground facilitator. You can join her session at the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Centre in Glenbrook where she gathers nature’s treasures, creates and connects.
LOCATION: OLD KATOOMBA LIRARY / COMMUNITY HALL @ KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE 81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780 *Entry via the Town Centre Square upper level

 LanternNew0220225_205944   LanternNew20220225_205445
Lantern making with Kiara Ferguson from Alinga Artistry

Session 1) 6:00pm-6:30pm 2) 6:30-7pm 3) 7:00-7:30pm 4) 7:30pm-8:00pm (max 12 participants each session)
WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Join Kiara to create a paper lantern, using pressed leaves, pastels, and tissue paper. Come experiment with colour, light and silhouettes and wow the streets with your own lantern walk.
ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Kiara is a playgroup facilitator and has a Steiner teaching background. She brings a passion for art and its capacity to heal and connect with community.
NOTE: Minimum participant age 5+ years with their carer (hot glue guns used) and adolescents
LOCATION: OLD KATOOMBA LIRARY / COMMUNITY HALL @ KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE 81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780 *Entry via the Town Centre Square upper level

Nature Scavenger Hunt and Watercolours with Katherine Kennedy

Session 1) 4:00pm-4:30pm 2) 4:45pm-5:15pm 3) 5:30pm-6:00pm 4) 6:15pm-6:45pm 5) 7:00pm-7:30pm (max 12 participants each session)
WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Little explorers will use magnifying glasses to seek and discover insects, rocks, and plants. Once they find two of everything on their scavenger list, they will paint them with watercolours. One of each will be attached to a skewer to take home and decorate their garden or pot plants. The other, will be placed on a large collaborative artwork which will develop over the event as each session’s participants contribute to the group artwork.
ABOUT THE FACILITATOR:  Katherine Kennedy is a practicing artist, educator, and runs Nationwide Curating where she challenges gallery-only artwork presentation by sourcing new and exciting exhibition opportunities in public and community spaces.
NOTES: For ages 5+
 SENIORS LOUNGE @ KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE 81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780 *Entry via the Town Centre Square upper level

Magic Sticks with Fiona Loeb

Session 1) 4:00-4:30pm 2) 4:30-5:00pm 3) 5:00pm-5:30pm 4) 5:30-6pm 5) 6:00-6:30pm 6) 6:30pm-7:00pm  (max 8 participants each session)
WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Painting a stick can transform an ordinary object into something special. You can use small, large, straight, curvy or rough sticks. You can paint any design you like or let the stick tell you what it wants. Find your own style by adding pom poms, string, or feathers. Join Fiona to create your own ‘magic stick’ style.
ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Fiona is a qualified secondary art teacher with a visual art degree majoring in ceramics. Fiona created Katoomba Craft to offer small group workshops from her home studio. Her workshops explore many mediums and techniques with the emphasis being on playing and exploring.
NOTE: Best suited as a Family Activity for children (ages 5+) together with their carer (hot glue guns used)
LOCATION: SENIORS LOUNGE @ KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE 81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780 *Entry via the Town Centre Square upper level

Full STEAM Ahead
Build-A-Mind Drop-in Workshops

Calling all curious minds.  Dip into the amazing world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths) with some hands-on activities with the Build-A-Mind team.
Session 1) 4:00 pm-5:15 pm – 3D Printing
Session 2) 5:30 pm-6:30 pm – Stop Motion Animation
Session 3) 6:45 pm-8:00pm – Coding Art
(max 16 participants each session)
LOCATION: OLD KATOOMBA LIBRARY / COMMUNITY HALL @ KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE 81-83 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780 *Entry via the Town Centre Square upper level


Session 1) 3D Printing Station with Build-A-Mind

Drop-in to design and create with 3D Pens. Have fun combining tech with art to make 3D models that you can take home.  Using your imagination and a little bit of practice, you can literally create anything!
NOTES: Minimum participant age 10+ (hot tipped 3D pens used)

Session 2) Stop Motion Animation Station with Build-A-Mind
Story telling brings people together and inspires dreams. Drop-in to create your own story with Stop Motion Animation technology. Build-A-Mind will supply the cameras and the props, you bring the imagination.  Who knows, you may be the creator of the next Lego Movie!
Bring along a USB and you can take a copy of your movie home to enjoy for years to come.
NOTES: Minimum participant age 8+, or age 6+ with their carer

Session 3) Coding Art Station with Build-A-Mind
Make unique, computer-generated artwork in this hands-on creative experience using the Scratch programming interface. It’s like having a never-ending supply of paint, brushes, and canvases! Join Build-A-Mind and see what you can create with code.
NOTES: Minimum participant age 8+

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IlluminartMoodLanternCC_L0293   Illuminart2
Illuminart’s Interactive fabric mood lanterns
will be on display in the town square and Ha’Penny Lane. The interactive mood lanterns are created in workshops led by illuminart, involving textile artists and electronics makers in collaboration. The ever-growing number of lanterns use salvaged fabrics and recycled plastics, and the interactive electronics incorporate arduino, LED and piezo microphones. Each unique lantern expresses the artist’s choices of material and fabrication, and your choice of mood. The Lanterns shift through different colour light patterns as people interact with them.
LOCATION: KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE *Inside the old library in the event of adverse weather. Also Ha’Penny Lane.

Illuminart’s Interactive Quilt
will be on display inside the old Katoomba library. The Interactive Quilt is a gorgeous, illuminated wall panel produced by illuminart and supported by Country Arts SA. Inspired by the traditional sampler quilts made by patchwork afficionados around the world, it takes the old method a big leap forward by the additions of sensors, and LEDs illuminating the fabrics, to provide quirky luminous responses when the interactive panels are touched.

IlluminartAV   IlluminartAV2
lluminart’s Museum of AV Antiquity
will be open to the public to interact with and discover the technologies used for video mixing and effects. The mixers, cameras and decks have been interconnected to create wild forms of video feedback and live camera feed, so that anyone who plays this system will discover themselves and their video effects simultaneously playing on projectors. The equipment is wired together into a complex electronic machine and people are welcome to come and play with the cameras, knobs, and dials to achieve different aesthetics, and influence the feeling of the space. One camera station will also be set up with drawing materials.

WasteEDWings   IMG_4804   PluckTasticMandallas2
WasteEd Wings
This giant waste-to-art ‘Great Wandering Albatross’ wings installation was created by Julz Strykowski from PluckFastic Environmental Art Education and Action using re-use materials. Julz will be on hand to help educate kids about problem plastic in our lives. There will also be the opportunity to add to the Ephemeral Mandalas made from plastic waste. Come and take a photo with the giant WasteEd Wings and make a pledge to reduce single use plastics!
ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Julz is an environmental educator for ecological awareness and sustainability. She is a passionate campaigner against single-use plastics aka the PluckFastic movement.
LOCATION: KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE *Inside the old library community hall in the event of adverse weather

SunnyBins   SunnyBinCockatooCranker-2022
Sunny Bins
We will be rolling in a wheelie bin fitted out with Acoustic high-fidelity speakers and powered by sustainable energy! Sunny Bins are created using wheelie bins, solar panels, state of the art sound equipment and beautiful artworks, making the most of the mobility and resilience of a standard wheelie. Check it out playing multicultural music for all the family from 4pm to 7pm in Ha’Penny Lane.
LOCATION: HA’PENNY LANE, Katoomba NSW 2780 *Entry via Katoomba Street or Pioneer Place

LEGO imaginative play space
A Build-A-Mind facilitator will run a LEGO breakout play space with a mountain of LEGO in the old library from 4pm-7pm.
NOTES: For ages 4+ due to small pieces

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Welcome to Country / Smoking Ceremony by David King aka Dingo Darbo (Gundungurra)

David King A Gundungurra man son of Aunty Mary King is a passionate advocate for Indigenous Culture and Land Management and is well known in the Blue Mountains for his strong focus on Country, Culture and Community.

PennyLaneFungusFreedomWilson   HaPennyLane
Living Lanes – Guided Art Tours

Session 1) 4:30-5:00pm 2) 5:30pm-6:00pm
Join artists and volunteers from the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre as they lead you on tours of the Living Lanes artwork. Tours will commence at the northern courtyard of the Cultural Centre and will run in two sessions, 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm. Free to join. Limited spaces available. Sign up at on the clipboard at the old library entrance Katoomba Town Centre Arcade.

Katoomba Urban Art Trail

The Katoomba Urban Art Trail will be launched with a way finding brochure that highlights the vibrant culture of public art installations and street artworks that weave throughout the town. This resource will allow visitors to connect with the unique character of Katoomba via artists and artworks, telling local stories in public spaces. Pick up your copy of the Trail, hot off the press, from the information stand located in the old library / Katoomba Hall, event marshals and from your Living Lanes tour guides.

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There will be extra seating provided for the town centre square and pop-up food vendors selling from the kitchens located in the community halls in the town square (the old library, seniors lounge and dining room) including The Parade Café and Hummus Bar.
NOTE: Local surrounding food businesses will also be extending trading.

Hummus Bar
will be offering fresh Mediterranean style food and drink from the upper-level dining room. They bring the delights of halloumi, falafel, baba ganoush, tabouli and of course hummus. They pickle their own vegetables, and create their own specialty sauces: Skhug, Garlic Toum and Tuana. Explore their Shabart drinks and specialist sweet treats as you relax in the pop-up dining space featuring projected silent black and white Egyptian films.
Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.
LOCATION: DINING ROOM @ KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE * Entry via the Town Centre Square upper level

The Parade Café
will be offering a ‘sneak peek’ of its new seasonal menu, which will be available in their Hazelbrook store after Easter! The Parade Café prides itself on serving hearty meals using our local produce. Their pop-up kitchen menu includes Spice-rubbed salmon tacos; lamb backstrap with roast pumpkin, carrot and cauli with a tahini and pomegranate dressing; plus, a delicious selection of house made pies (beef Shepard’s with a sweet potato mash on top; chicken, leek, and mushroom; and their famous curried vegetable and Persian fetta) all wrapped up in a delicious light sour cream pastry.

Zensational Coffee
will be serving quality organic, fair-trade coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai, and a selection of special sweet treats.
LOCATION: SENIORS LOUNGE @ KATOOMBA TOWN CENTRE SQUARE * Entry via the Town Centre Square upper level

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

All activities are open entry but restricted to attendee numbers at the time to follow the social distancing requirements.

All details correct at the time of publishing. Times, locations, and numbers may vary due to wet weather or changes in public health order requirements. Please check the website prior to attending.
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