FREE LIVE MUSIC @ BOOTLEGGER – EVERY WEEKEND! The Bootlegger Bar, Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Fusion Boutique & The Bootlegger Bar Present
Live at The Bootlegger Bar

Known for presenting unique and talented acts to the Blue Mountains over the last 14 years, Fusion Boutique is pleased to be working with The Bootlegger to bring the upper mountains even more quality live music at Katoomba’s hottest speakeasy live music restaurant and bar.
Bootleggers is a place of good old fashioned fun where people can eat, meet and greet and be human again.
Fully licensed bar offering a large selection of Wines, Beers, Whisky, Gin, Cocktails & Good Food – low and slow and vegetarian options available.
Kitchen closes approximately 10pm Friday and Saturday and 9pm Sunday.

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Image above is of the Fusion Boutique Presents T. Wilds Album launch upstairs at Bootlegger Bar by Inertia Photography.

The music is 2 x sets from 9pm-11pm Friday and Saturday nights and 6-8pm Sunday evenings.
The live music will generally be located on the ground floor unless stated otherwise.

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Check the Facebook Events page for more details of upcoming shows:

• FRI 5th Jan 9pm Fret Buzz (2nd Flr)
• SAT 6th Jan 9pm Hearty Fire (Gnd Flr)
• SUN 7th Jan 6pm Andy Penkow (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 12th Jan 9pm Jean Marshall & Joel Fox (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 13th Jan 9pm Catherine Traicos (Perth) w/ Eyles (2nd Flr)
• SUN 14th Jan 6pm Dion Palumbo (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 19th Jan 9pm Chiroweg (Italy) (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 20th Jan 9pm Honey Hive (Gnd Flr)
• SUN 21st Jan 6pm Bonniedoon Duo (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 26th Jan Australia Day 9pm Tim Scanlon w/ Mana Okubo (Melb) (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 27th Jan 9pm Rory Ellis w/ Christian Marsh (Newcastle) (Gnd Flr)
• SUN 28th Jan 6pm Jazz Nights w/ The Lounge Catz (Gnd Flr)

• FRI 2nd Feb 9pm Sam Bucca (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 3rd Feb 9pm OSITA / Mara Sanders (Gnd Flr)
• THUR 8th Feb 8:30pm DRAG QUEEN BINGO w/ Miss Betty Confetti (2nd Flr)
• FRI 9th Feb 9pm MIGRET (Duo) (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 10th Feb 9pm Mountain Ash (Trio) (Gnd Flr)
• WED 14th Feb 6:30pm Zane Thompson (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 16th Feb 9pm Daniel Aaron (VIC) (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 17th Feb 9pm The Orchard Boat (Duo) (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 23rd Feb 9pm Linda Mizzi w/ Ian Dunn (2nd Flr)
• SAT 24th Feb 9pm POST / Isobel Knight (Duo) (Gnd Flr)

• FRI 1st Mar 9pm Issac Trounce w/ Victoria Cernakova / Lavender Wine Duo (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 2nd Mar 9pm Francisco Xifra (Argentina) (Gnd Flr)
• SUN 3rd Mar 6pm Jazz Nights w/ The Lounge Catz (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 8th Mar 9pm Daniel Skinner (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 9th Mar 9pm Divinia Jean Music (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 15th Mar 9pm Zane Thompson (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 16th Mar 9pm Andrea Kirwin (QLD) (2nd Flr)
• SUN 17th Mar 6pm Rebecca Mann (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 22nd Mar 9pm Shaun Hales (USA) (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 23rd Mar 9pm Walkabout Street (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 29th Mar 9pm Jack Nolan (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 30th Mar 9pm Parmy Dhillon Duo (Melb) (Gnd Flr)

• FRI 5th Apr 9pm Luca Zumwalt (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 6th Apr 9pm Mountain Jazz Quartet (2nd Flr)
• SUN 7th Apr 6pm Jazz Nights w/ The Lounge Catz (Gnd Flr)
• THUR 11th Apr 8:30pm DRAG QUEEN BINGO w/ Miss Betty Confetti (2nd Flr)
• FRI 12th Apr 9pm Mataya (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 13th Apr 9pm Emerson & Wood Duo (Gnd Flr)
• SUN 14th Apr 6pm Raduga Trio (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 19th Apr 9pm Phoebe Over & Axon Bower (UK) (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 20th Apr 9pm Narrownecks Trio (2nd Flr)
• SUN 21st Apr 6pm Threepenny Moon (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 26th Apr 9pm Shai Rose (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 27th Apr 9pm Amber Kenny (Gnd Flr)

• FRI 3rd May 9pm Rachael Brady (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 4 May 9pm Sam Bucca (Gnd Flr)
• SUN 5th May 6pm Jazz Nights w/ The Lounge Catz (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 10th May 9pm Rag N Bone (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 4 May 9pm The Fallen Gentry / D.S. Gibson (2nd Flr)
• SUN 12th May 6pm IRISH NIGHT w/ The Shillelaghs (2nd Flr)
• FRI 17th May 9pm Blue Mallee (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 18th May 9pm Jean Marshall & Joel Fox (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 24th May 9pm Old Folk (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 25 May 2-4pm Harmonica Workshop (2nd Flr)
• SAT 25 May 9pm The Marvellous Hearts Trio (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 31st May 9pm OSITA (Gnd Flr)

• SAT 1st Jun 9pm Fret Buzz (2nd Flr)
• SUN 2nd Jun 6pm Jazz Nights w/ The Lounge Catz (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 7th Jun 9pm Phoebe Over & Axon Bower (UK) (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 8th Jun 9pm Honey Hive (Gnd Flr)
• THUR 13th Jun 8:30pm DRAG QUEEN BINGO w/ Miss Betty Confetti (2nd Flr)
• FRI 14th Jun 9pm Skye Evans (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 15th Jun 9pm Misty Mountain Accord (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 29th Jun 9pm Alina Grace (Gnd Flr)

• FRI 26th Jul 9pm Dion Palumbo (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 27th Jul 9pm Mountain Ash (Trio) (Gnd Flr)

• SAT 3rd Aug 9pm MIGRET (Duo) (Gnd Flr) (Gnd Flr)
• FRI 16th Aug 9pm Rag N Bone (Gnd Flr)
• SAT 31st Aug 9pm The Orchard Boat (Duo) (Gnd Flr)

+ More to be announced!

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92 Bathurst Rd, Katoomba NSW 2780, Blue Mountains.

This venue is 2 levels, the free live music on either level is restricted to attendee numbers present at the time and bookings are advised to avoid disappointment.
Tables can be pre-booked online through
For enquires call 02 4782 6368 or email . Please note that bookings made on the day after 5pm may not be able to be confirmed.
***Guests will need to make a note at the time of booking tables that you are there for the live music in the special request box to ensure that your booking is allocated to the right level.***

MUSIC BOOKING CONTACT DETAILS: Charity Mirow / Fusion Boutique
For more information visit: